How to keep your cuticles healthy and good-looking?

How do you keep your cuticles healthy and beautiful?

If you have peeling or dry cuticles, even the funniest and prettiest manicure can be ruined and look less appealing. As difficult as it sounds, it's best not to exfoliate your cuticles. This can lead to infections and cuts in the nail area. By definition, the cuticle is the skin that grows on the nail plate. As the nails grow, so does the skin. The cuticle is necessary and necessary for nails because it helps to grow and protects the nails from bacteria.

Because the stratum corneum is the skin, it becomes dry when the skin is dehydrated. This will cause them to fall off. To restore good appearance and condition, experts recommend using oil-based products instead of lotions. A great manicure and look starts with a properly trimmed nail bed that allows for smooth color application. But don't forget the cuticle.

Here's everything you need to know to keep your cuticles healthy and beautiful.

Use cuticle oil

Cuticle oil is a must in your nail routine. It is best to apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and nail plate several times a day for several days. This ensures healthy and strong nails. To do this, massage the cuticle and nail bed. Use jojoba or olive oil with moisturizing properties. After the process, wipe your nails and use a slick buffer for easy shine.

Do not exfoliate the cuticle

As mentioned above, it's important to resist the urge to peel off your cuticles. Like nail growth, they will appear at the base of the nail. With peeling, you have a good chance of damaging your entire nail. Nail experts recommend gently pushing back the cuticle, being careful not to damage the nail.

Do not cut off the cuticle

Cutting the cuticle can have dire effects on the nails, starting with thickening of the skin. This makes the nails look different and harder to paint.

Always primed

Primer is very important in DIY nail art procedures. It protects the nails from discoloration caused by nail polish. It also strengthens the nail growth process and is very beneficial to the cuticle itself.

Keep a nail file nearby

Whether you're doing your nails and manicures at a professional salon or at home, nail files are handy in situations that can and do determine the life of your cuticles. A nail file can easily smooth the rough edges of cuticles and the nail itself. The best way to use a nail file is to go in the direction of the nail texture.

Don't forget to sterilize your nail tools

Nail tools need to be cleaned so they don't spread bacteria and cause nail and skin infections. The best and easiest way to sanitize your nail tools is to use soap and water, followed by rubbing alcohol.