How do you maintain and clean your white sneakers?

Some fashion pieces are timeless. They support changes in fashion, climbing the fashion ladder season after season. A little black dress, a leather jacket, a good pair of jeans and white sneakers are the foundation of a good fashion style. Speaking of sneakers, it is important to mention that they have always been popular. But with the rise of streetwear as haute couture, sneakers have jumped to the top of the charts, becoming an iconic item. Especially the white sneakers.


Today's market offers a variety of options for white sneakers. While leather and synthetic textile shoes are always present, during the summer months, something lightweight like canvas sneakers is recommended. White canvas sneakers get dirty quickly, and if you know how to keep them clean, they will last longer and look good.


Here's everything you need to know about caring for white canvas sneakers.


Care and Maintenance


As mentioned above, white canvas sneakers lose their clean look over time. Instead of wearing them because they don't look bright, take some precautions to slow down the aging and dyeing process of white canvas sneakers. The best way to care for white sneakers is to invest in a solution that protects them from stains. Such a solution works well if you spray your espadrilles before wearing them for the first time. It protects the shoe from accidental spills or major weather-related debris. But that's not enough. Regular maintenance after each wear will help prevent dust and dirt from building up.


How to wash white canvas shoes?


There are many tips and advice for effectively cleaning white canvas sneakers. Start by removing any residue that may have built up on your sneakers. Do this with a soft, dry brush. The next step is to scrub the entire surface with the solution and a brush. Once this is done, rinse the top of the shoe under running water and repeat the process. Sometimes leaving the solution on sneakers for a day works better. When you're done cleaning, it's time to let the shoes dry. To avoid damaging your shoes, wipe and twist the material with a microfiber cloth; it will absorb as much liquid as possible. Afterwards, allow the sneakers to air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. It is important to use the hair dye on a low speed so as not to stain the canvas. Another thing to avoid is bleaching, as white canvas can turn yellow over time.


Now you know how to properly clean your white canvas sneakers!