These Are the Perfect Summer Nail Manicures

These are the perfect nail manicure for summer.


Each summer brings a slew of new trends that are expected to flourish. There's nothing more fun than getting a manicure in the heat. With changing fashion trends, there are many options, colors and designs to choose from for summer. There are endless variations of minimalist manicures, as well as minimalist possibilities.


Going to a manicure appointment can be a challenge because you're not sure what to choose. Even when it comes to manicures, it's always good to catch some of the latest trends and enjoy fresh colors or try a manicure that you can't do year round. So, for everyone ready to try something new this summer, here are the perfect summer manicures.


Gradient rainbow


You must have come across these gradient nails while scrolling through Instagram. This is a very popular nail art right now and it works for all skin tones. So what's the use of gradient rainbow nails? Well, as the name suggests, it's a rainbow-colored manicure. However, the detail that makes them very unique and remarkable is the gleaming metallic finish. As for nail shape, square tips are the best option.


Delicate pearl


If you remember the 90s, then you know that pearlescent shades are very important for nail polish and manicures. With the return of some of these trends, delicate silver mother-of-pearl nails are now a summer hit. The finish is very nice, gives off an intense glow and looks great on tanned skin; it's great for work too.


White marble


Summer is the season to wear white nails freely and decently. But this summer, there's a twist on the classic white staple in marble designs. Of all the options, white nails always look fresh, crisp and clean. But marble designs take them to a higher level. It's an elegant and chic option with just the right amount of playfulness and originality.


Cobalt graphics


Another major and trendy color for summer is cobalt blue. This color is mesmerizing and makes it cute and classy. But instead of going full cobalt nails, add some playfulness and mystery by incorporating some graphic prints. For example, a negative space manicure looks great in combination with cobalt blue and white graphics.




The combination of turquoise and neon orange inspires a strong tropical feel. They are a great choice for summer and go well with any jewelry. If you want to have more exciting nail art, choose these abstract nail designs in neutral base.