Summer Bubble Braids and How to Wear Them

Summer and warm weather always inspire some hairstyle changes. Those willing to change colors choose to do so in summer. If you want a different hairstyle, you can get it in summer. Summer hair styling trends are known to be one of the most interesting as they always suggest something new and exciting.


Braids are one of the easiest and most popular hairstyles for women and have been around for a long time. Braids come in new looks and shapes every time the trend changes. Nothing beats cute and stylish braids for summer. They are perfect for work, day and night, wedding hairstyles and more. This summer season is different from other seasons because it proposes some new types of braids. The only thing that stood out was the bubble braid.


Fishtail braids and box braids are also great summer hairstyles, but the commitment to this look can be too much. When it comes to simple, chic and effortless options, bubble braids are the way to go. It's a braid with each section unfolded for added volume. A headband secures it and it looks perfect and exciting.


This summer is a celebration of trying bubble braids, and here are some exciting bubble braid suggestions.


90's Chic


Like fashion, the trend of the 90s carried over to the hairdressing industry. As for bubble braids, this trend is evident through the use of '90s accessories, especially chunky hair accessories. To achieve this effect, look for the most dramatic and eye-catching headbands and place them on each layer of the bubble braid.


Chic and modern


Bubble braids are great if you want an elegant summer look. Start with high, sleek bangs and turn them into bubble braids. Use a gel or mousse for added shine and a hairspray to hold each strand in place and keep your hair anti-foaming and tidy.




Different textures are great for those looking for something different and ordinary. If one bubble braid isn't enough, double it on the sides of the face and make it smaller.


Add a scarf


Another big trend revived from the past is scarves as part of hair accessories. After your bubble braid is done, top it with an exciting colorful hair towel for a fresh and stunning look.


Bubble Braids


If you like braids, this version will be in the style of a bubble braid. Instead of pairing it with a classic ponytail, braid each ponytail into a bubble, which conveys a youthful spirit.