Beach-ready jewelry trends

Summer and beach are two terms that no doubt go together in some way. Waiting for the hot days you can laze on the beach, relax, enjoy the sun and good weather, that's what we've been waiting for all year round. Going to the beach is a very different thing today than it was decades ago. The whole beach look is another level of chic. A great addition to this look is beach accessories, and this summer is the time for beach jewelry to come back into play.


Jewelry trends this season offer very interesting and diverse options. On the one hand, escapism can be transformed into jewelry. Dreams of blue water, ocean and sun rays falling into the water from different angles are influential influences on some jewelry trends. Beach jewelry, on the other hand, is minimalist, inspired by dunes and waves. All of these trends are irrelevant if you choose the wrong metal. For example, 14k gold metal does not change its appearance when exposed to water. This is not the case with gold-plated jewelry, which starts to lose its golden appearance when exposed to salt water. While some will argue that jewelry isn't beach-friendly, fashion trends tell a very different story.


Mussels to the point


Do you remember your childhood days collecting seashells on the beach? Well, these shells were the inspiration for one of this summer's jewelry trends. Shell necklaces will take center stage. If that's too much for you, there are more filigree variants, such as the shell pendant. The colour options are varied and there is no shortage of shell jewellery.


Grandmother picking up things on the shore


One of the summer pandemic trends is the seaside granny trend. Well, this quickly spread to accessories, especially beach jewelry. This relaxed, luxurious style exudes minimalism. It is perfect for those looking for simple beach jewelry. Here you can choose from tennis bracelets, gold necklaces and delicate pearl earrings. It will provide an effortless look.


You are gold


Solid gold jewelry is an excellent choice for beach jewelry because it does not change color or other properties from exposure to sunlight or salt water. While everything looks great on shore, be extra careful with the ring as cold water can shrink your fingers and there is a risk of the ring falling into the water.


Pearl necklace


Pearl necklaces are not suitable for children. Her adult version is full of color, colorful glamour, and friendship-inspired bracelets. The best beach options are those that wear fine jewelry like pearls, gold, diamonds, etc.


Use these trends for beachy look.