How to keep your faux leather staples looking good and fresh?

Leather is one of those fabrics that has always been around in the fashion and fashion world. Whether as a luxury bag, sneaker or part of everyday items, leather is always present and considered a staple. However, vegan leather is gaining popularity on the fashion radar amid the huge pressure and attention from the fashion industry on pollution and maintaining organic and eco-friendly options. This is an excellent choice for genuine leather, especially given the innovations in the production process. For this reason, vegan leather is becoming more and more relevant and proposed, which is not only a trend but also a necessity.


Embracing sustainability comes with a shift to faux leather. It is a better choice than genuine leather, and the demand for this vegan leather is increasing and becoming more and more important. In the face of climate change, we need to be extremely aware of the fabrics we wear and use. This is where vegan leather is a great solution. The market today is full of vegan leathers that look good. But in order to maintain their good looks, grooming is essential. So here's everything you need to know to keep faux leather staples looking good and fresh for a long time.


Types of artificial leather


Not all faux leather is the same. Many products on the market are made from petrochemicals such as toxic PVC or PI. They are bad for the environment and cheap. Older types of faux leather are made of vinyl, or have a plastic coating on the fabric, which can peel off over time and pollute the environment. There are newer and better materials today that are better for the planet and more durable. Pinatex is a vegan material made from pineapple leaves. The format is vegan leather made from apples. These and many more products are produced responsibly, ensuring long life and responsible end-of-life disposal.


How do you clean faux leather?


Cleaning faux leather is a simple process. It is best to use some slightly soapy water. Just add a few drops of dish soap to a glass of warm water. Take a clean towel and use it to wipe your clothes. This is easy because imitation leather textiles have no pores. Water won't penetrate, you just need to wipe it off.


How do you care for artificial leather?


Faux leather also ages well, so care and proper prevention are key to keeping them looking good; proper storage of vegan leather is important. This should be done in a dust bag. Also, don't stack it above or below many other items that could disrupt its structure.